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The power of digital marketing to drive the progress of a business is enormous. However, not everyone can make good use of it. We believe that digital marketing requires a good strategy, eye-catching design, and customer empathy with your business. We have another service than Social Media Marketing.

Creative Consulting

To start a business, creative ideas are the first to run out at the time when you needed the most. Not only that, creative ideas are the raw material to plan market brands and other digital marketing needs. But, you don’t have to worry. You can tell us your worries regarding creative business ideas with us and we will provide the best solution for you.

Create a unique and creative business
Creative ideas will not come by themselves, and it takes extensive insight and experience to find creative ideas. We provide creative ideas for those of you who want to start a business. Or if you already have a business but your supply of creative ideas is running low, we can also help you provide insights to find the best creative ideas or business opportunities for you.

Creative Research and Planning
To run a business requires in-depth research and thorough planning. We will give you the best way for your business to progress and provide relevant data for the development of your business.


We believe that first impressions on business are everything. The power of branding is so great that consumers only need to judge from the logo to decide whether or not they are interested in a business. Logos and branding not only need to be unique and creative, but also require deep meanings and messages to attract the attention of consumers.

Difficulty in creating logos and branding is a problem that is very often encountered. However, you don’t need to worry. We can help you from giving an ideal name for your brand, designing a logo, and building a brand identity for your business.

Planning and Execution of Branding
The notion of branding is not limited to creating a logo and designing a brand name. It needs a thorough planning to build brand identity and goals it needs to achieve so that the brand can be widely known in the eyes of customers. We provide strategy and planning to create a brand and help to expand it overseas.

Optimizing your Brand
Sometimes problems arise where we have created a logo and branding but it doesn’t feel like it was grows according to expectations. This often happens and it is difficult to overcome. To solve this problem, we can help to provide insight for your brands and provide detailed audits and consultations on branding.


Japan and Indonesia have good business relations. There are so many Japanese brands that are developing really well in Indonesia. If you want to expand your business to Indonesia starting from marketing in Indonesia or setting up a business in Indonesia, we will do our best to help you.

We have a team consist of local Indonesian who have the ability and knowledge to help expand your business in Indonesia.

Providing data and insights about Indonesian Market
Even though some Indonesians are familiar with Japanese culture, not everyone understands everything about Japan. To help your business grow in Indonesia, you need Indonesian market data and analysis. We provide data and insights to help your business so that it can enter the market in Indonesia or set up your business in Indonesia.

Expand your business in Indonesia
Apart from entering indonesian market and establishing a business in Indonesia, you need to promote your business to increase your brand-awareness. We provide assistance to increase your business brand-awareness through social media with strategies that are appropriate and effective for the Indonesian people.

Translation Service

Japanese is one of the most difficult languages to learn for foreigners. We don’t want a language barrier to disturb the communication which is the most basic thing in marketing.

Therefore, in order to enter the Indonesia market without a hitch, we will help you to translate and improve your marketing efficiency.

Promote your business outside Japan
Lots of Indonesia customers are interested in Japanese culture, especially its brands. However, due to language limitations, not many overseas customers know about your brand. To solve this problem, we offer ourself to be a bridge for your business with overseas customers. Not only limited to translating, we can help you communicate with Indonesia customers.

Grow your brand to Indonesia
social media is the easiest way to connect many costumers located around the world. Through social media, your brand can be seen and attract a customer who are interested in Japanese brands. However, this can be optimized again by using a right language that can be understood by many people. We are able to expand your brand by communicating directly with consumers through social media.

Trend research for Japanese market

Japanese society has a unique internet culture when compared to other countries. Therefore, marketing your business to Japan requires analyzing trends. We can provide insight and data you need to understand trends and markets in Japan.

We can solve this solution for those of you who want to expand your business to Japan. Because we are located in Japan and have been here for a long time, we are able to help you provide insight and help your business so that it can research for the Japanese market.

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